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Monday, July 15, 2019

5 Monsoon Essentials Everyone Should Carry in Their Bag

Waterproof Pouch

A surprise shower can end up drenching your precious documents and wallet in minutes. You can prevent that if you have a waterproof pouch on hand. During the season, keep your important items in it so even if your bag gets soaked, nothing will affect your goods.

Original Price- Rs.1099
Price on Snapdeal- Rs.387


Does this really need any explanation why? Tissues can fix most monsoon problems in a jiffy, whether they are sweaty necks, oily skin or sudden showers. Make sure your handbag, home and office desk each have a pack.

Original Price- Rs.640
Price on Snapdeal- Rs.549

At some point or another, everyone has stepped outside unprepared thinking it will be a sunny day but ends up getting wet. A small folded umbrella in your bag can fix that. It may be small but will keep a single person fairly dry for a short distance like in emergencies.

Original Price- Rs.999 
Price on Snapdeal- Rs.449 


Monsoon can be an icky season during which, your hands can be carriers of countless infections. That's why it's important to sanitise them before meals and at regular intervals throughout the day, which works especially well because you don't even need to visit the washroom to do so.

Price- Rs.300 

Phone Cover

Too many phone mishaps happen in the rains just because mobiles are used without the right cover. All it takes is one wrong move to drop an uncovered phone into a puddle and render it water-soaked and unusable. The simple way out is to carry a small pouch or waterproof cover to slip your phone in when outside.

Original Price- Rs.899 
Price on Snapdeal- Rs.199 

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Daboo Malik believes in giving new talents their due exposure

At a time when several music reality TV shows are being applauded for giving a platform to talent from different regions of the country, Daboo Malik, an Indian music director, composer, singer, actor and scriptwriter  is giving new talent their due exposure "There are so many talented artistes coming to Mumbai to pursue their dream but having to leave because they couldn't cut it in the big city. They have the talent, but nowhere to perform and connect with the right audience. I want to give them a chance to showcase their work and connect them with the audiences"  
" Not everyone from many talent hunts gets a chance to work in the industry but it is important to believe in yourself. They are all achievers" adds Daboo Malik

One of the artist Daboo Malik believes in is an Indian Pop/RnB phenom Nikita. Having lend her vocals and lyrics for Grammy award winning producer RedOne, platinum selling producer Russel Steedle (which garnered attention from Atlantic and Capitol Records), this singer-songwriter steps up to the plate to bring a south-Asian twist on the genre, creating space for a people largely underrepresented. Born and raised in Mumbai, India,
 Nikita grew up between two worlds: one, her family’s deep ties to Indian Classical and old Bollywood music; the other, the years she spent learning and studying Pop/RnB music with industry music professional Samantha Edwards in her hometown, as well as at Musicians Institute, Los Angeles. Her sound aims to meld the two worlds together. Drawing deeply on the archetype of the Goddess, Nikita brings quick-witted but intensely dramatic lyrics about love and heartbreak supported by vocal melodies and guitar riffs that are a simultaneous nod to early 90’s Bollywood and RnB as well as a unique approach to pop songwriting.
Nikita has worked in Tinki (2018, written and directed by Ankur Maan), Freyja (2017, written and directed by Shivin Grover; Tilted Square Films), and Fiat India

“Together, her debut single Honest and the following, Exodus, garnered half a million plays on Spotify alone”

Mushkil: Fear Behind You, Unveils its Official Trailer Caution: Not for the faint-hearted!

Mushkil: Fear Behind You, Unveils its Official Trailer
Caution: Not for the faint-hearted! 

It is believed that good always triumphs over evil. Mushkil: Fear Behind You is coming to prove that good does end evil. Directed by Rajiv S Ruia and produced by Ravinder Jeet Dariya, the spine-chilling romantic horror features Rajniesh Duggal, Kunal Roy Kapoor, Nazia Hussainand Pooja Bisht in the lead, and is all set to hit the theatres on 9th August, 2019.

Set against a cold and gloomy backdrop, the story revolves around four friends who on a holiday together end up seeking shelter at a forbidden castle, a place that they should have never entered. A dark, demonic presence possesses one of them and is thereafter insistent on killing them all. In a locale so lonely and isolated, who will save them? 

Producer Ravinder Jeet Dariya & Director Rajiv S Ruia in association with Big Fat Films have curated a film that speaks about doing the right things and have penned nuances to ensure edge of the seat entertainment. 

Speaking about film, Ravinder Jeet Dariya shares, “There has always been an audience for good horror movies. Mushkil: Fear Behind You is an attempt to fill the gap that we see in Indian horror films today. The film highlights true horror elements with the right set of VFX and storyline to entertain the audience”

Having been associated with horror films in the past, Rajniesh Duggal of 1920 fame shares, "I have always loved to work on unique story-lines and new concepts. We have all given our best to ensure that the audience has an amazing experience.”

Sharing his excitement on his first horror film, Delhi Belly fame Kunal Roy Kapoor says, "Get ready to have sleepless nights! Mushkil: Fear Behind You will scare the living daylight out of you!"

While the trailer gives you an essence of the eerie story-line, the film is sure to frighten audiences with its HD Effects and Shrill Sound Quality, and pathbreaking VFX. 

 ~ Catch the first look of Mushkil: Fear Behind You, on Youtube now ~

Official Trailer Link:


~ Hari Dutt Sharma Award Ceremony  in Nehru Memorial Auditorium, Teenmurti invited General V.K.Singh, Suresh Prabhu, Janardhan Dwivedi, Vinod Agnihotri, Ashok Chakradhar,  Sandeep Marwah, Raj Kumar Sharma to honor Mr. Rahul Dev ~

New Delhi, 13th July`19: Eminent journalist Mr. Rahul Dev was awarded with Haridutt Sharma award which was organized by Pandit Hari Dutt Sharma Jayanti Puraskar Samiti on 12th July, 2019 at Nehru Memorial Auditorium, Teenmurti. Union Minister for Health Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister of State for Transport General V.K.Singh, Former Union Minister for Railways Suresh Prabhu, Congress Leader Janardhan Dwivedi, Dr HR Nagendra, Journalist Vinod Agnihotri, Writer and Poet Ashok Chakradhar, Chairman of Asian Film and Television Institute Sandeep Marwah and Organizer Raj Kumar Sharma were all the distinguished guests at the event.
Pandit Hari Dutt Sharma Jayanti Puraskar Samiti' finds it necessary to give honor to the most deserving journalist every year. Pandit Haridutt Sharma who was India's emblem journalist, successful writer, prominent thinker, sounding speaker, passionate social worker, skilled administrator, and a politician. An award after his name is given to people for positive journalism, writings and social service. This year Mr. Rahul Dev Was Honoured with Pandit Hari Datt Sharma Award along with a cash price of Rs. 51,000/- commendation letter, a souvenir and a shawl. 

Mr. Harsh Vardhan stated the value and importance of hari datt sharma award and gave a token of appreciation to all the dignitaries and highlighted thier key achievements. He also discussed how health in India has become an improving sector.  India is lucky to have the hand of a general on its head in the form of Mr. VK singh. He highlighted that India has marked its presence in all over the world. 
He stated that Rahul Dev is a prominent hindi journalist who always followed his values and still have a will to stick to his native language and his unbiased opinions in his profession throughout.

Mumbai, 13th July, 2019: Gaurang Doshi, the famed producer renowned for his masterpieces such as Aankhen, Deewaar: Let’s Bring Our Heroes Home and Bawandar, has successfully appealed and won a respite in an earlier case where he was framed and would have faced a 6-month simple imprisonment following the contempt of court for 'wilful breach of court order' as he could not be present in court. This deserved triumph came for Gaurang Doshi on July 13, 2019, where the Apex Court committee led by Honorable Chief Justice Pradeep Nandrajog and Justice N. M Jamdar, with a landmark judgement, decided to drop the charges of contempt of court against him. For those fueling the unnecessary flames of rumour, Gaurang Doshi is now a free man. Neither did he ever go to prison, nor does he have to.
Gaurang Doshi is finally a man free from the entanglements rearing to go with his new projects. This news comes in the wake of the recent order of the Bombay High Court, wherein he has been asked to furnish a deposit Rs. 1.25 crores, which allows him to pursue his envisioned new ventures and steer clear of allegations. While these new projects still remain under wraps, and the names left to mere hush-hush, Gaurang Doshi is all set to sweep his audience off their feet promising something bigger and better by the end of July with some grand announcements.

“The last few years have been tough, but it has just proven that my passion for films and the creative process involved in bringing projects and talent to life is as strong as it has ever been. With nothing but the truth by my side, I’ve put the past behind me, and I look forward to a very promising future. I thank all my fans, my supporters and business partners who never lost faith in me and continued to motivate me to overcome the challenges pelted at me. I am a fighter, who will never give up. I will rise above all the hurdles relentlessly should my ill-wishers decide to falsely accuse me again. I will never give up. With one bad chapter closed, I look forward to a brand-new chapter where I already see some best times dawning in the Indian Film Fraternity with the kind of stories and concepts that have been appreciated by not only the Indian but global audiences. There has never been a better time to be a part of the Indian Movie Industry with opportunities sprouting beyond the big screens right into the digital space. Having said that, I’m already thankful for the opportunities that lie ahead of me.”
About Gaurang Doshi 
Gaurang Doshi is a renowned name in the Bollywood Industry who has created Gaurang Doshi Productions. He has made movies such as 'Aankhen', 'Deewaar – Let’s Bring Our Heroes Home' and 'Sandstorm' and is currently looking at producing new projects. Indeed, a new beginning waits for Gaurang Doshi.

'Ms India Tourism Kalpana Brahmbhatt all set to conquer Mexico'

Brimming with energy, the beady eyed Ms India Tourism Universal 2019 – Kalpana Brahmbhatt revealed that the secret of her everlasting beauty is due to her being spiritual and regular practice of Yoga.Speaking to the media persons at a prestigious club in Andheri West on Saturday the 13th of July, Kalpana Brahmbhatt is a single mother who is into Fashion Designing and Beauty Care.
“Despite being a blessed mother of 2 children, I still feel that I have ample energy and drive in me and am always craving to do something new. It is to the credit of BloomFair Production company who has supported me all throughout my journey,” says Kalpana who is all set to represent India as the Miss South India Elegance at the prestigious Ms Universal 2019 pageant which is to be held in Mexico from 1 to 8 August.
“I am usually the shy sort of a person and this is my first brush with the media and therefore I thank the Bollywood media for being so nice with me,” mentioned Brahmbhatt who is also into Tarot Reading and Pam Reader. Her son is with an Event Management Company and the daughter is pursuing her MBA.
When asked about the secret of such enthusiasm in her, she said, “I am a fitness freak and practice Yoga, Gym, Swimming and Meditation which gives me the confidence and will power to fight against all odds. I owe my success to my mother who has imbibed our Gujarati culture and values. My mother is my pillar of strength.
When asked whether she was nervous? She promptly replied, “Not much. I would be lying if I just mentioned that I am not nervous at all. Since I am much into spirituality, I have learnt that winning and losing is a part of life. I am prepared for any result. May the best contestant win…. And I feel it within me that I am the best!”
“Another person who I am indebted to is Naghma Khan of SHAAZ MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT who is my friend, philosopher and guide,” Kalpana ended.

“I support New Zealand” said Akshay Kumar exclusively on Star Sports Philips Hue Cricket Live ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 FINALE

National, 14th July 2019: Bollywood Superstar - Akshay Kumar featured exclusively on Star Sports Philips Hue Cricket Live for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 finals from the Lord’s Cricket stadium in London. Akshay Kumar spoke about his World Cup moments and discussed the final match between England and New Zealand with his take on both teams. Alongside former captain and legend Sourav Ganguly and Spin King Harbhajan Singh, Akshay Kumar reminisced his school days when he was selected in the team to field – not bat or bowl. Cricketer VVS Laxman player a cricket quiz with the Bollywood star creating a fun environment ahead the big FINALE of ICC CWC19 between England and New Zealand on Sunday 
On Star Sports Philips Hue Cricket Live Akshay Kumar speaks on supporting the Blackcaps, and the time he played for New Zealand in reel-life, “Yes, I have played for England in reel-life, but it's seen that people mostly go for underdogs, so I will go for New Zealand. I still remember, there was a match between New Zealand and Australia and all the Indians at the stadium were supporting New Zealand.  
Recollecting his World Cup moment Akshay Kumar speaks on Star Sports Philips Hue Cricket Live, “I remember the six that M.S. Dhoni hit in the 2011 World Cup and that ball was caught by a friend of mine in the stands. My friend even showed me that ball and for me that was a very special World Cup moment.  
Akshay Kumar reminisces the time when he was selected for his school cricket team, exclusively on Star Sports Philips Hue Cricket Live, “I have played cricket for my school and usually people select players for bowling and batting. I remember being taken into the team for my fielding skills. ‘This boy is for fielding, he will run around and stop boundaries’ – they said” 
Speaking on Star Sports Philips Hue Cricket Live, Akshay Kumar spills the beans on his daughter loving cricket, “My son isn't into cricket, but my daughter is - she is just six years old and loves cricket. My son hates cricket because I watch the sport a lot, but my daughter loves it when I watch, because then even she gets a chance to watch it.  
If a movie was made on Rohit Sharma, what would the name be - Akshay Kumar suggests on Star Sports Philips Hue Cricket Live, “I think if a film is made on Rohit Sharma, it should be named ‘Ab Ki Baar do sau (200) ke paar’. 
Speaking about Team India’s top bowler Jasprit Bumrah, Akshay Kumar says, “He has a different way of bowling and I remember when I first saw him bowling - I felt he was different. He doesn't even do a long run-up and doesn't seem like he will bowl with so much speed and strength, but his bowling is great and powerful. “  

"From Krrish To Anand Kumar, spoke about everything with Hrithik Roshan" - Karan Singh Chhabra

"Having done Films like Krrish and Dhoom to Kaabil and Super 30, it gets more difficult when physicality gets added in a role" said Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan in a chat with TV show host / Actor Karan Singh Chhabra when asked about what was more difficult , playing a fictional superhero like Krrish or  a real life super hero like Anand Kumar. 

On working with the greek god Karan added "I have had some wonderful chats with Hrithik Sir during Mohenjodaro and Kaabil earlier , but this time it was really enriching to know some of the methods that the superstar uses to prepare for his roles"

As per latest update the film has witnessed growth in collection and had crossed Rs. 30 crore (India biz) by the end of day two. 

These fun videos from Sonu Nigam’s New Zealand Trip Will Make You Plan A Vacay!

Sonu Nigam is one singer who always manages to mesmerize us with his singing skills and that’s the reason why he’s still winning hearts not only in India but, worldwide! This brilliant singer also loves to travel and post about his experiences on social media.
He is currently in New Zealand with his kid and his wife; and we love how his vacation is all about the importance of spending time with his family. Check out this adorable picture here:

Isn’t that really cute? Sonu Nigam has been in NZ for quite a while now and kept posting some fun videos and pictures to entertain us. Check them out right here:

The last video of the dog accompanying the street singer is simply amazing! Spotting such sweet and unexpected things while you travel is one of the reasons you should plan more vacations and we’re sure that Sonu’s travelogue would’ve inspired y’all to do it. So call up your friends now and plan that vacation, right away!

How to ace the Monsoon-ready look this Prime Day!

As much as we all love the monsoons, it stands as a major challenge when it comes to styling and dressing up. With pitter-patter raindrops falling on your head, it’s time to bring out those water-resistant sandals, bright-coloured tops, printed light fabrics and hydrate your skin and hair with the perfect beauty essentials which is chic and fashionable, making the perfect monsoon statement.

Make space for light-weight fabrics in your wardrobe
This monsoon be stylish yet comfortable, as Amazon Fashion brings to you its best deals on apparels. Light-weight fabrics such as cotton and synthetic ones are ideal for this season. They can dry out easily and require less maintenance. 
Recommended products
Marks & Spencer mid-length dress
Amazon Brand – Myx A-line dress

Look stylish with faux leather bags
During monsoons it’s important to keep everything safe yet flaunt the most fashionable bag with top pics from Amazon Fashion. Pick bags that are made of synthetic material to look fashionable this season. These bags will keep your valuables safe and dry during the rains.
Recommended products
Lavie Elmore Women’s Satchel
Van Heusen Women’s Sling Bag

Moisturizer and Serum to your rescue this monsoon
The first step towards achieving a healthy skin is following a good skincare regime. During monsoon, we often feel lazy and skip skincare routines but one should never skip applying a moisturizer. This same goes to your hair as they usually become frizzy in the monsoon. Serums can instantly hydrate your hair and scalp. Both these products help in nourishing your skin and scalp deeply.
Recommended products
Simple Kind Skin Hydrating Moisturizer
Bed Head Hair Serum

Add a pop of colour to your shoe rack this monsoon
Step out in the rains without any worries with these smart pair of colourful shoes from Amazon Fashion and set a trend that captures the essence of this season. Make sure to get sturdy, water-resistant footwear to enjoy the weather completely.
Recommended products
Metro Synthetic Sandals
Puma Basket Luxe Shoes

Exquisite watches to add to the attire 
Let your wrists do the talking this monsoon with an array of water-proof watches available at great discounts on Amazon Fashion. These luxury watches will add a final touch to any look this season.
Recommended products
Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch
Daniel Wellington Classic Watch

And finally, make a statement with your umbrella
Looking at the current fashion trends, umbrellas are becoming a fashion statement and taking the fashion world by storm! A fun, bright-coloured umbrella not only make your outfit look vibrant and playful but can also turn some heads for sure. Amazon has a plethora of umbrellas that you can experiment, from quirky prints to sophisticated and classy colours.
Recommended products
JRM’s Transparent Umbrella
Amazon Basic Umbrella

So, without much ado, it is time to get monsoon ready and make your trendy purchase this Prime Day on July 15 and 16 with great deals across fashion and beauty products on!